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Basic Instructions

Instructions for payment of order software

Basic Instructions

Instructions for pay of order software

Detailed instructions for pay of order software

Step 1: Go to

  • Select invoice what you want to pay.

  • You can visit how to purchase software for have invoice to pay. Instructions for purchase software

  • Click to eye icon view-eye-icon to see detail of invoices.


Step 2: Invoice Payment

  • Click to pay-btn for pay this invoice.

Step 3: Select payment method

  • Select payment method suitable for you.

Bank Online or Credit Card

9PAY Payment

  • In this method, you need to pay through 9PAY and do step by step as click Submit for go to 9PAY payment.


Select payment method

  • In 9PAY payment, select Payment method as International card, Bank transfer, Installment payment via credit card


Fill information

  • With International card I have fill all information for card to pay this.