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Basic Instructions

Registration instructions​

Detailed instructions on how to register an account

Step 1: Go to url​

  • Select type of account Personal or Business


Step 2: Fill out account details as:​

Account Details
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • National ID
  • Email
  • Password
  • Password confirmation
  • Phone


Step 3: Fill out information of Billing Detais​

Billing Details
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Country
  • State
  • City


Step 4: Reading our Policies and sign up for aggree.​

  • Scroll down and read out Policy
  • Draw your signature and accept our policy to continue.


  • Please sign and click on the checkbox to verify the account.


  • Fill out all the information before pressing the register button
  • Please act normally, not too fast or too slow so that the system does not recognize you as a BOT

Instructions for Account Verification​

1. Email verification​

Email verification


  • Firstly, click "Resend" to send email verification. Sencondly, check your email to click url to verify your account. If you not find it in "Inbox", please check it in "Spam".


  • To verification, press the button "Active Account" in your mail like image. After successful verify email, you can access the Funny Dev Ecosystem.

2. Verify Phone Number​

Verify Phone Number
  • To verify phone number, please follow the instructions below
  • Firstly, select "Verify Phone" on "Dashboard Overview", click πŸ‘ button to perform authentication.


  • Secondly, check your phone to get your OTP. Fill this OTP into input vΓ  click Submit as image.


  • The limit of incorrect input is 10 times
  • If you not receive OTP please check again your phone number what you register and press "Resend" if more than 5 minutes without OTP
  • After try 3-4 times not work, please contact to support and create ticket support. Instructions for creating a support ticket

3. Know Your Customer/ Client - KYC​



  • To KYC, select XΓ‘c thα»±c KYC in Dashboard Overview, click πŸ‘ button to perform authentication.
  • Then double check all registered information before verifying KYC. Make sure that your information is completely correct before proceeding with KYC.
  • Press "Verify now" at the end to proceed with account verification.


  • Next, select "Begin verifying" button to perform authentication


  • Select Country.


  • Choose 1 of the following options


  • Upload that document to the system. And follow the instructions.


  • Select phone or laptop what device have camera to verify. Scan the QR code to proceed with the authentication (Note: Not download any app)

  • "Send Email" and "Send SMS" to get link to verify from othder device. / vertify-kyc6-now-funnydev-vn

  • Scan your face according to the instructions to complete the KYC

  • KYC feature is developed and secured by a third party, Funny Dev not use customer data for other purposes.
  • KYC to verify customer is real people and provide any special service for only customer had verified KYC.


  • Thus, have completed the account registration and authentication on the Funny Dev Ecosystem.
  • Any questions and support request please chat or create a support ticket. || Instructions for creating a support ticket